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IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION - Place orders directly with Agile Acoustics following the link below and do not order through my webite. Two sizes are available 48cm square (£86) and 60cm square (£96). Order Here


A brand new and exclusive acoustics range from AgileAcoustics. Now you can have my most popular prints as an acoustic tile.  The Acoustics tile range is designed with acoustics and aesthetics in mind. Excellent sound-absorbers and effective at reducing echo and reverberation, my tiles will transform any space. Perfect for the home office!


My Acoustic Tiles can be ordered directly from Agile Acoustics based in Salt's Mill in the World Heritage site in Saltaire by clicking the link below.


Click the link to see the fill range and place an order 

Order Here

Acoustic Tiles

  • AgilePRINTs are easy to hang. They come supplied with pre-fixed string on the back, and we also supply plasterboard and hard wall fixings (all you need is a hammer to knock in the fixing).

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